Blurry pic, but you get the idea!!!😉

Good evening!

I know it is quite later than usual, but I just got home from a fun evening having out with my bestie, Dawn and her daughter, Sammy!!

We started the evening out over at one of our favorite hangouts, Starbuck’s. Dawn has asked me to teach her how to crochet, so this evening that was the plan! She is very determined to learn how to crochet a hat, like the one Jason had made for me. After doing a little crocheting and catching up, we had decided that maybe going to the movies would be a good idea! Well, Jason had gone out with his friend, Don, to go watch the new Sherlock Holmes movie this evening, and when I mentioned that to Dawn, and Sam, they had said they had wanted to see that. After thinking about it, I realized I did too, so I quickly texted Jason to make sure that he wouldn’t mind that us girls come and crash his movie. Jason is so laid back and easy going, of course he didn’t mind! So, off us girls went to go watch us a movie. It was a very good movie too! One that I am sure that Jason and I will be watching again!! Now, we didn’t sit with the guys, I mean come on, it was just me and the girls afterall, but we really had a good time!!! So, I left the theatre with Jason and Don, while Dawn and Sammy drove back to their place!!

After dropping Don off at his place, Jason and I finally made it home. Jay made me a little dinner – I was too busy visiting to realize that I had forgotten to eat dinner, and as I sit here I am just soooo thankful that it is Friday, and that we get to sleep in tomorrow! It has been such a loooooong week, and I am just bushed!!!

I don’t have any real plans for this weekend, except to get the house clean and finish getting ready for Christmas, but first I am going to head upstairs and get a good night’s sleep!

Have a FABULOUS evening! :-)